Down a Dark Path 03

TUBBS is Stoned. Very stoned.
Tommy looks at him with wry amusement. TUBBS looks back.
Across from the staring duo Gillan is chatting up MICHELLE a slightly prim young lady who doesn’t seem to be buying Gillan’s “Prince Manoeuvre”.

Most of the crew are there in this little annex away from the main party. A little chill out space filled with smoke. Tommy looks back at Tubbs.
Tubbs is still stoned.
And thinking.

Down a Dark Path 02

Behind the guards and the fence two young lads in their early twenties edge around the fence trying to find a place to sneak in.

Mixtape – Jan’17

January Mixtape from Malcolm E. Klektic Esq. 

Sometimes writing isn’t enough so I have to go off and make little mixtapes. Do they say something about the month they were compiled? Do they say something about my frame of mind? Are they merely devices to make the travel to and from work a little more enjoyable? Maybe. Maybe not. I try not to think about it too much. Afterall isn’t that the real point of a mixtape? To stop the worms churning and take you somewhere else?

Down a Dark Path 01

BEGIN HERE: A young mans paranoid decent into madness after he takes a wrong turn on the way home. A movie script/story work in progress. New releases as soon as they are done.

Whatever Happened to White Poo?

Whatever happened to white poo? I used to see it everywhere. In the playground. In the park. On the way to school and on The way home. Whatever happened to white poo? Why do dog owners have to pick up there dogs poo? Why don’t cat owners do the same? Cat poo smells worse. And contains worms that fuck with your brain. But we don’t have to pick up cat poo. Is that racist to dogs? Where are all the dogs who []

NV204 – 03

Read From the Beginning NV204 Personal Log Can’t Remember the last time I felt normal. Don’t know why I am writing this. []

The Girl Who Fell

Introduction Been working on a few things that have taken me away from the Diary in the last couple of months and for that I must apologise. I have now arranged a couple of days in the week to attend to other matters that should leave me with a little more time to come back to the diary and continue dropping stories here and there. Here’s a little something I’ve been working on. Not too Sure where it’s going or what’s it []

NV204 – 02


NV204 01

An ex-con from a parallel Earth is tasked with tracking down rebellious aliens escaping an oppressive commonwealth.