Special Delivery

A row of unassuming semi detached houses. A sunny day. An unseen bird tweets the Nokia ringtone as a small flock of tiny people with wings instead of arms dart out of the privet hedge and into the sky. We hear a diesel van pulling into view revealing it to be the sound of a HPS courier. The van stops outside number 7. After retrieving his clip board and a fairly large box The driver (Courier) saunters up number 7’s short path []

Burn – Part 3

INT. THE COTTAGE – NIGHT The cottage is your mid somerset new age setup. Dream catchers, hand carved African statues, Persian rugs and a Gustav Klimt print or two. The kitchen is a big open plan affair – Sink, dishwasher fridge at one end, big iron Arger at the other. Giant Dining table in the middle. WE HEAR a disturbance outside. Chickens cry out. The growl of a Fox. We calmly glide out of the kitchen into the moonlit garden and towards []

BURN – Part 2

EXT.  OUTSIDE THE CLUB – MIDDAY A busy mid morning street in the old financial centre of the city – old Victorian and Georgian buildings jostle for breath between the new upstarts of glass and steel. The engine growl of a large black Bentley hastily pulls up nearly knocking over an unwary pedestrian. Out of the car steps two men. Johnny runs around the car by the time that Frank is out of the drivers side, Johnny is physically reassuring him. JOHNNY []

Writers Block

So he went for a walk and came back drenched. The heavens pissed on him. The thunder howled ridicule. The lighting struck a tree nearby and he wished it had been him. The butchered tree wished it too.


INT. HOME, DOWNSTAIRS – MORNING We begin in lounge. It’s dark and barely dawn. The family home is all quiet. The odd light on here and there. Kids toys poorly packed away in large wicker play basket in a corner of the lounge. The lounge which joins seamlessly through to a modern kitchen. The scars on the wall indicating some unfinished DIY. The two rooms knocked through and not yet completed. On the kitchen bench an half filled mixing bowl and dirty []

Deja Vu

EXT. THE PUB ENTRANCE – NIGHT JOHN Storms out the pub. His shirt is stained and misaligned. He’s drunk and more than a little pissed off. He walks back and forth continuing an unseen argument. Eventually sees his messed up shirt and throws a drunken hissy fit. JUNE John. John. JOHN! JOHN What?!? JUNE What the hell was that? JOHN What? JUNE What? JOHN Yeah What? JUNE THAT! In there. John gives a look that she should know what? JOHN I’m going. []


INT. THE SQUAT – DAY The couple lie in a squalid bed made from pallets and an old mattress. Next to the []

First Time Buyers

READ Alternative Earlier Version here SCENE ONE. The First prop on stage is a large rectangular box. The type used to transport popcorn tubes in. It is just big enough to fit a couple of people in and would reach their waists when standing. The Second prop is a sign that reads “TWENTY MINUTES INTO THE FUTURE”. They are the only props in an otherwise black/blank stage. An ESTATE AGENT leads a young professional couple (PETER and FIONA) onto the stage AGENT: []


INT. DERELICT BUILDING – DAY. WE HEAR DISTANT GUNFIRE and EXPLODING BOMBS. The not-so-distant sounds of encroaching war. WE SEE 4 MEN []

Down a Dark Alley

A Horror film. Treatment & Proposal By Zig Bingham Synopsis A young homeless man witnesses a rape and runs away. Wracked with guilt and blinding flashbacks he searches for the truth, redemption or maybe punishment for his cowardice whilst losing his grip on reality and his own sanity. Bad Gear – A Little foreshadowing. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, Down a Dark Alley is a dark psychological horror. Gritty low budget this is very much inspired by the visions of Cronenberg, Lynch, Caruth and []