Down a Dark Path 06

Home is that way. Bed, spliff tea and chocolate. Not necessarily in that order… but there…
Down there? Total head f*ck guaranteed…

NV204 – 04

Read From the Beginning TRANSDICTION OF CON83175 INDEX 14.35.40 Operative: NV204 BACKGROUND NOISE: General cafe noise. Busy road. Occasional planes over-head. TV []

Down a Dark Path 05

BILLY:Bitch! Be-still my beating heart.
He comes in to kiss Tommy. Tommy backs up.
BILLY (CONT’D):Ok. Hey. Just pleased to see you.

Down a Dark Path 03

TUBBS is Stoned. Very stoned.
Tommy looks at him with wry amusement. TUBBS looks back.
Across from the staring duo Gillan is chatting up MICHELLE a slightly prim young lady who doesn’t seem to be buying Gillan’s “Prince Manoeuvre”.

Most of the crew are there in this little annex away from the main party. A little chill out space filled with smoke. Tommy looks back at Tubbs.
Tubbs is still stoned.
And thinking.

Down a Dark Path 02

Behind the guards and the fence two young lads in their early twenties edge around the fence trying to find a place to sneak in.

Down a Dark Path 01

BEGIN HERE: A young mans paranoid decent into madness after he takes a wrong turn on the way home. A movie script/story work in progress. New releases as soon as they are done.

NV204 – 03

Read From the Beginning NV204 Personal Log Can’t Remember the last time I felt normal. Don’t know why I am writing this. []