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Weird, whimsical and sometimes terrifying these dark tales come via short stories, scripts, essays and rambles.

This is a little corner of my world where I don’t have to film anything or draw anything or behold to anyone. Just me and my mind and the word. So be warned.

I will be posting all sort of strange and wonderful stories here in my resolutely text based adventure. So if you don’t like to read then this may not be for you.If  you have porcine ideals of taste and decency clothed in glitter, this may not be for you. If you are easily offended this my friend is most definitely not for you.

However if you like a gentle scare or guilty chuckle or a general feeling of unease and the taste of odd then you are most definitely in the right place. There are also some “straight stories” nestled in between but I’m not telling which is which.

I’ve got short stories, episodic scripts, micro shorts and more and still more to come. There are loads of different ways to read these stories from looking at different tags, using the search bar to look for something specific, looking at the contents page or something new I’m trying at the bottom of each page there will be a next story link click on that and you should meander all the way through the blog as if this blog was put together in book form. This feature is a work in progress so it may not last out, but if you like it or want to make suggestions then please do so in the comments or over on the facebook page.

So stay tuned, Kick back or lean in.  Like what you like, share what you can  and above all I hope you all come back for more.

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Just don’t look on the dark web.




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