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Welcome. On this page you will discover two showreels, two short films, some drawings, paintings, photography and finally a selection of VFX work (practical and digital).

Links are provided below (under Additional Supporting Material) for my CVs (both media and general in one PDF) and a second letter of reference from Showcase GM Andrew Temple and a PDF version of my portfolio.

I have also enclosed links to a page devoted to five as yet unproduced short films which are indicative of my leanings. I have written two feature film scripts which I can provide in person along with any other material you may need.

This is a private page on my blog and so if you feel inclined there’s a world more to discover if you click the home button or the banner at the top of this page. I should warn you this page is curated – my blog is not. Don’t get lost. 🙂

Please, if you need to see anything in more detail don’t hesitate to ask. Any problems you can call me at the numbers provided in my application.

I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my application.

Have a great day and enjoy.


Additional Supporting Material

Click here for PORTFOLIO in PDF  (will open in a new window) or simply scroll down to view now. Note the PDF doesn’t contain the showreels or links to them. It is pictures only.

Click here to view 5 SHORT FILM SCRIPTS written by myself that I want to animate.


Click here for Zig’s Second REFERENCE LETTER from ANDREW TEMPLE G.M. (Showcase Bristol Avonmeads (Natl. Amusements). (will open in a new window).

Click here for the COMBINED MEDIA AND GENERAL CV (PDF)  (will open in a new window).

Click here for a copy of Personal Statement as submitted via UCAS. 



The Moving Image


Sketchbook Sample – Digital and Traditional




VFX – Practical and Digital

BONUS LINK Click for my film scores




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